Accounting is the study of the language of business and record keeping. The accounting cycle, which includes journalizing and posting transactions, preparing a payroll, calculating depreciation and bad debts, and preparing the appropriate financial statements for a merchandising business are taught.
Statistics have become an important part of everyday life. We are confronted by it in newspapers and magazines, on television and in general conversations. We encounter it when we discuss the cost of living, unemployment, medical breakthroughs, weather predictions, sports, politics and the state lottery. Although we are not always aware of it, each of us is an informal statistician. We are constantly gathering, organizing and analyzing information and using this data to make judgments and decisions that will affect our actions.

Business Mathematics is designed to show applications of mathematics in the workplace and to refine job-related math skills. This class focuses on arithmetic operations, problem-solving techniques, measurement skills, algebra, geometry, and data handling.

Geometry deals with relationships of points, lines, planes, and other Euclidean geometry topics. The various types of polygons and other plane figures are discussed and the student is introduced to some important relationships of solid geometry.

Pre Algebra/Geometry is a prepatory class for Algebra I. It is designed for students who lack adequate preparation or skills to enter Algebra I directly. The class contains topics from general math and introduces basic algebraic concepts including field properties.